Wednesday, July 1, 2009


wow!!! so much has happened since the last time i posted. Danny was awarded a scholarship bed at GSMC in the Rehab and it will just be temporary but it was MIRACLE #1......
Danny sat in a "chair" for the first time today!!!! MIRACLE #2 and did most of the work himself!!!
we got a phone call tonight from Amanda and she had done some searching and contacted people and a man at New Beginnings Baptist Church is a contractor (we believe) and wants to help get the house ready for when Danny does come home!!! MIRACLE #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we have started to receive money in the "teamDanny" fund at Community Bank and are so grateful! MIRACLE #4
we have had so much love from so many.
"when you really let go and let God work powerful things really happen!!!!!"
God has been working in this so much!!!
He is so amazing!
Tomorrow Danny will be moved to the Rehab unit and they also said his wound is healing very well!
We are starting fundraisers so keep posted and we also are wanting to put buckets around town and need all the help we can get to put as many around Hallsville, Longview, Marshall and surrounding areas as possible.
There will be fundraiser dinners and lunchs and i am wanting to see if we could "carhop" at a local sonic and keep all the tips we receive to go for TEAM DANNY
we are selling t-shirts to benefit team danny!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!! Danny sat in a chair upright for a very long time! WHAT A BLESSING! they moved him for surgerical ICU to his own room he's on the second floor room 2219 and will start more physically therapy tomorrow sometime.


Danny was told early this morning they would be prepping him for surgery they decided to operate earlier than expected. PRAISE GOD HE PERFORMED A MIRACLE THE SURGERY WENT WONDERFULLY!!! Now they are worried about his lungs (by the way he has 5 brokes ribs and a bruised right lung) they wanted to watch his breathing very closely and he did so well through all of that he was taken off of his oxygen and is breathing 100% on his own!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!! His ribs will need to heal on their own. He did so well through all of this!! We have seen family that we havent heard from in years God works in mysterious ways! We know this will bring our family closer. We have been blessed with lots of love and support from SOOO many people and they will never know how much it means to my mom or I and Danny is overwhelmed with the support, encouragement and love.


I am writing this blog to inform people of how God is working in Danny's life and our familys. I am his sister Stephanie and i pray through Danny's story others will come to know the wonderful savior we already serve.
6/25/09 Danny went to get TJ a family friend or more like a brother to cut down a tree limb that had fallen in our back yard...lots of stuff happened between then but the short story is when Danny actually cut the limb completely away from the tree one of the branches hit the bottom of the ladder and flipped the ladder out from under Danny he then began a close to 20 foot fall that would change things...he flipped through the air hit branches on the way down and rolled we believe that when he hit the ground he hit tree roots sticking up and thats what broke his T7 and T8 bones in his spine. TJ called 911 and the police officers and paramedics in Hallsville were such a blessing from God they came very very quickly and helped Danny to get to the hospital. We took him to GSMC in Longview and he was sent into the Trauma room they ran tests and told him not to move. we waited what seemed like a lifetime to hear that Danny would probably never walk again. He was transported from Trauma ER to Surgical ICU where he met some amazing nurses Judy and Holly. They were lifesavers.....We then talked to Dr. Chow and he explained things a little better he then said Danny needed surgery on his spine to repair the broken bones so he could sit up but that would take place later....